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Traditional consultancy in the buildings industry focuses on each service as a separate silo. Be it mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, vertical transport, life safety or security there is independent thinking for each independent discipline.  Where integration is required it tends to be an afterthought with no particular discipline taking ownership.

CSECs works with all service diciplines owning an integrated approach from the outset. This removes duplication of IT infrastructure, improves the quality of infrastructure delivered, ensures services delivered are open and improves efficiency ongoing operation and maintenance of the facility. 



Where required our company can provide an end to end service taking an integrated system specification through to delivery. Our staged process works with the end client, builders and other service providers collaboratively throughout the project lifecycle to deliver a single integrated smart building platform.


On projects with existing delivery teams or in house IT resources our team is available to oversee, guide and manage the delivery process. Commonly referred as an "Integration Managers" on the project schedule risks around integration are reduced and integrated outcomes are ensured. 


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