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CSEC consults and engineers integrated building management solutions for medium to large scale facilities. Our experience, outstanding service and spirit of innovation sets us apart. With independence from product suppliers and maintenance vendors our solutions offered are open and flexible to the clients needs.

Over 10 years the company has integrated over 100 service technologies across a broad range of industries such as health, mining, retail, transport and gaming. Investing in an integrated solution with our company allows organisations to leverage efficiencies and higher performance from key property assets.

Who are we?

The Team


Liam promotes, consults and designs the overall integrated solution working closely with end clients, consultants, builders and other key stakeholders. 


Scott focuses on the delivery stages of the solution with clear understanding of client outcomes. His attention to detail ensures solutions are delivered on time which meet expectation.


IT operations are the engine room of our team providing the rollout, maintenance and support to our systems in all stages of deployment. Their focus is to provide a smooth, reliable and highly operation service and experience for all of our customers.

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